Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Suing God?

Apparently a Senator in Nebraska is suing God. Yep, and apparently he has a case too. It is a permanent injunction on any harmful activities and making terrorist threats. Many religious people often say that natural disasters happen because God is doling out his wrath, right? So maybe the Nebraska Senator is on to something. I mean, he really has balls of steal in my opinion but, more power to him.
Maybe at the very least God could come to court and explain things.

Personally, I think he has been wrongly accused. I really do not think God is responsible for natural disasters. I blame global warming and quite possibly Mother Nature. She can be a real bitch sometimes. I know myself that certain times of the month I can be too. I can only imagine what her cycles are like with all the junk she has been eating.

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rand(om) bites said...

Thanks for the laugh hon! Seriously, suing god? Some people are so whack.

ThickChick said...

Haha, yes, I'd heard he was doing this to prove how ridiculous our judicial system is - how you can literally sue anyone for anything!
Clever, no? He's certainly gotten quite a bit of press out of it anyway!