Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't hate me because I am going to Hawaii!

Yeppers! Next week I am going to Hawaii! It is kind of a last minute thing! One of my closest friends, Kathy just got herself a penthouse (not really) apartment and has room for me to stay with her. I found a cheap ticket to Hawaii on the Internet (God bless the Internet)! She lives one minute from Starbucks and two minutes from the beach! So I am excited! Sadly, I am in my so called "fat pants" right now. So I am not looking forward to slow motion "Baywatch runs" on the beach or anything. Oh well. Maybe next time. I think that I will have to get serious about eating healthy and exercising more when I get back from Hawaii!:) My resolve will at least hold until the holidays where I usually find myself in my "fat pants" after the holidays and not before. Do you think that is why they have New Years right after the fattening holidays? That way your New Years resolution won't be to vote more or to change the world. It will be "I'll lose weight and then change the world." None of want to go out and do any of that world changing stuff with out looking like Angelina Jolie, right?
Don't worry, I will take tons of pictures!!!
The picture of Angel is because I am going to miss her! I'll miss my hubby and kids too but I can talk to them on the phone. Angel doesn't know that trick yet!!!

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rand(om) bites said...

Enjoy Hawaii you lucky thing!