Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think that the American People want........

When any politician is asked a question about anything, "Mr. or Mrs. Candidate what do you think about this?" The answer inevitably starts with "I think that the American people want blah blah blah....." Then my eyes glaze over and I lose interest.
But Mr. or Mrs. Candidate we didn't ask you what you thought we wanted, we asked you what you were going to do about it. I hate this. I can hardly stand it anymore. How do we know how to vote when we really have no idea what any of the politicians stand for any more.

Ok all of you politicians, presidential candidates, and others running for some sort of office and have speech to make. This is what the American people want- and I am speaking for most of us!

Something done about health care. We know it is a mess and we want some ideas on how to clean it up.

We want a clean environment.

We want a realistic, fair solution to our open boarders and immigration issues. Most of know they are not taking our jobs and we do not want to kick them out. We just want to know who they are and who is coming in at our boarders.

We want you to figure out how to get out of Iraq. We do care about the people of Iraq, but we miss our family and friends and want them home. Hurry up already.

We want equal rights for every American. Including race, sex, AND sexual orientation. It is only fair.

We want to know what you honestly think. We want you to stick to an opinion but admit when you are wrong.

The fact is that you want the job so you must have an idea on how to fix these things. Quit telling us what you think me and my fellow Americans think. I know that you have not ever talked to me, and all I see you do is double talk everyone else so, how would you know what we think anyway.

Just quit trying to tell the American people what you think that we want to hear. The truth is that we want to hear what you really think about the issues that we want our government to work on. Is that too much to ask?

Let me ask one question, are you running for office for yourself or is it for the American people?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

The sad thing is the truly honest politicians don't last very long.

Too many people want to be told happy news and prefer empty promises to realistic problem solving. They don't want to spend any money but want the schools to be great and the environment cleaned up and free health care. Anyone who tries to figure out how to pay for it gets voted down.

I blame the American people every bit as much as the politicians!

Samantha said...

Crabby, I agree with you! We do not want to pay in price yet we want everything free!