Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gift Bags: The green thing you are already doing!

You have a birthday party to go to. You get the present and you forget to get stuff to wrap it. I do that all the time. So then, at the last minute I dig through my closet and look for my stash of gift bags I have saved form past presents. Feeling a little guilty, I look at the tissue in the bag and decide if it looks a little too "used". No? Good. It will do. Does the bag say anything on it that is inappropriate (like "It's a boy" or "Merry Christmas")? No? Good.

Well, one day as I was frantically digging in my closet I realized something. I was reusing. Part two of the mantra "reduce, reuse, recycle". The great thing about that is that most people do reuse gift bags (and sometimes the tissue) several times, until the bag breaks apart practically. This is actually way better than wrapping paper, that gets thrown away the first time you use it. Of course it might be better if we got cloth hemp bags to wrap presents in but, for those of us that don't have time to go across town to the Health food place, that has pretty ones just for this purpose, can feel good about the reuse of a gift bag buried deep in their closet. Once thought of a a "lazy way" to wrap a present, now is one of the best ways to wrap a present!

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bazu said...

You're right- I've never been able to bring myself to throw gift bags away!

KaOs said...

When I was kid, when my family still celebrated Christmas, we reused wrapping paper from year to year. Not all of it, but some of the prettier pieces lasted for more than a decade - I can still remember a piece of metallic blue paper that made it all the way through my childhood - in fact I remember it more clearly than any of the gifts it wrapped.

jessica said...

it's fun to recycle gift bags.
sometimes i redecorate it too.