Monday, July 9, 2007

I think I am having a blog identity crisis. I mean, I think that I am losing touch with why I created this blog to begin with. It really wasn't supposed to be my absolutely personal blog and it is at this point.
So, on top of not feeling well and feeling lost with my little blog, I made a decision, I am going to stick with environmental issues and my list of what I am trying to do to help. Because I have been lost, I haven't really done as much at home as I would have liked for the environment. So here goes, I hope you enjoy the changes.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hi Samantha,
Of course I totally support whatever you want to do with the blog. It's yours and it will be fun to read no matter what.

But, um, is there any chance that you'll still keep a lot of "you" in it? Because I'd really rather read about you than about paper towels. I just love your energy and your personality and your dogs and your family and all that. Which doesn't mean it still can't be about you and your relationship to the environment.

After all, I write a blog about "health" that's 90% about Crabby.

But I'm sorry you're not feeling well. And perhaps that's making you feel a little dispirited about a blog that's really been a joy to read.

And if more time off might help, don't worry, we won't forget you!

Take good care of yourself!

Samantha said...

Thank you Crabby. I promise there will always be plenty of me in my blog. I just want to dedicate it and my efforts toward my list. Hopefully in few more days I'll be back to my usual self. Thanks again Crabby!

Lady Rose said...

Blog identity - that's why I have more then one blog and I still go off in all directions

As long as you are true to yourself and write from the heart - your blog will continue to be great and fun to read.

Health and Happiness Lady Rose

Leah J. Utas said...

Write what's right for you. Glad you'll maintain the personal aspect of the blog. It lures us back every time.

KaOs said...

In response to Lady Rose, I agree, you can do whatever you feel is best I have 6 blogs at the moment - though no one ever reads any of them - I write for catharsis, to cleanse my mind of stray nagging thoughts, as well as just to share (though at this moment maybe I am only writing for the historians of the far future in the off chance I get really famous).

Hope you feel better soon :-(