Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What is Dairy Queen ice cream made of?

On a recent road trip, me and my boys stopped to get an official Arizona treat, Dairy Queen! As I was eating my snicker blizzard, all I could think about was how the ice cream was made. To my dismay, I began to lose my appetite. I was figuring there was probably nothing good in my blizzard. I thought it was probably full of partially hydrogenated this and high fructose that. If this quote is true, I am gleefully wrong!

"Dairy Queen ice cream is made from whole milk, cream, milk solids, sugar, vanilla, and a natural stabilizer. It is pasteurized and homogenized. It comes to the store in a liquid form and is pumped into the machine where it is frozen down to 18ยบ F for serving. Dairy Queen mix contains only 5% butterfat (the same as it has been since 1940) while ice cream and frozen custard are 10% or more. So, DQ soft serve has fewer calories."

It may not be total health food but, there are definitely worse things out there! I really wish they would come out with the frozen yogurt again though!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

This is indeed good news!

Like you, I assumed it was one of those Evil Treats full of fake unhealthy chemicals.

Still not exactly a health food, but good to know it's not nearly as bad as I would have thought.

Samantha said...

Oh yes! It is nice! Bring on the ice cream!