Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Ultimate Smoothie!

If you have ever eaten at my house for breakfast, you would know, I make a fantastic smoothie. I don't need to humble, people have told me that.
On my Suite 101 site I spilled all of the secrets.

Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie
I didn't mention this in the article, because it is personal, but I also throw in some gummy vitamins after I make the smoothie. It makes a delicious chewy treat! I also always eat some nuts (5 to 7) on the side, just because they are good for me.

Today I took a picture so everyone could see it. I hope you can see how thick it is. The key, no ice! Ice is bad, bad, bad, in a smoothie. Just say no to ice! I would have done the picture for Suite but they don't take pictures (that's changing, yippy!)

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