Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Million Dollar Idea

As you all are getting to know me, you will find, I am full of these "million dollar ideas". I really am. They just come to me. I wish I had the perseverance to see a few of them through but, you know, I am easily distracted. Also, many times I don't have the skill set to pull it off. If only I could sell my ideas from a sort of idea store. A buck an idea. There you go! Another million dollar idea, hee hee!
The idea that has been haunting me lately is about gardening. I am mad jealous of gardeners. I wish I knew someone who could show me step by step what to do. I am a serious brown thumb. The poor plants that come into my care are torchered by over watering or under watering. I sadly get distracted and forget to tend to my plants. If you can't cry or bark around here, you might get forgotten. I just have this fantasy of me blissfully growing a garden rich in organic produce. In reality, my last garden literally went up in flames. I had a party and someone threw a cigarette butt in my very DRY garden and poof. The fire department came. Very embarrassing.
On to my million dollar idea. If a wonderful gardener started a web page that taught someone step by tiny baby step how to have a successful garden, they could do very well. Daily reminders by region (this could easily be set up). Q and A sections and stuff to read before you start. Pointed advice on what a beginner should grow. What are the necessary tools, etc. I would do it, but millions of poor plants would be at my mercy, and that would be a travesty.

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m38967 said...

hi---samantha: i hear ya, i have a few million dollar ideas too, like my idea about, oh wait, i cant tell you, inventors are notorious about hiding their ideas. lol. your garden blog (baby step tips idea) is definitely a winner. i'm sure someone will do it soon.

Rebecca said...

"In reality, my last garden literally went up in flames. I had a party and someone threw a cigarette butt in my very DRY garden and poof. The fire department came. Very embarrassing."

Oh man, that's a fantastic story! ~laughs~ As for taking care of plants.. I don't know, I don't find it all that difficult - then again, I don't really like doing it though either. I like a pretty garden, but frankly it's a LOT of work - I used to look after my Mom's when she was away in the summer - 1.5hr+ a night just watering, nevermind if there was other stuff like weeding, deadheading, etc. to do. Are you SURE you really wanna garden?

Leah J. Utas said...

Hi Samantha -my husband is the gardener in the family. We've got stuff in the front yard that I've never heard of and cannot keep straight.
I can barely manage with the few herbs and spices I grow in the back.
OTOH a walk through the bush is most interesting here because he's always pointing out edibles and I'm always telling him to try them first.

Samantha said...

Thanks M.

Rebecca- well, I do want a garden but, it is a fantasy, where the weather is perfect and my tomatoes are prize winning.

Leah j. utas- Yes, I would the edible plant tasting to the experts too. I am liable to eat some poison ivy in my salad or something fun like that.

alGirl said...

Hey Samantha!
I am late to your post. I saw your post on Anne's WW blog and decide to check out your blog.

I think this is a great idea! Also if they would do one for sods and lawn! Moneymaker right there.

I have not been in my backyard for 3 days because I cannot stand looking at my new sod lawn being all brown instead of nice luscious green. sigh..