Thursday, May 31, 2007

Freedom is not knowing.

I have been thinking about freedom lately. Not in the United States vs. the world way just, what is it to me, individually. I was in Yoga class and one of my yoga instructors said, "Freedom is not knowing. "Wow. Doing something and not knowing the outcome. Doing for sake of doing.

In terms of our body. We never want to do anything unless we think that we will get results. Also, I realize freedom is not eating for every craving, every thought or emotion. If I do that then I am a slave to my body, my feelings, in what ever form. So when it comes to our bodies, what is true freedom? It is movement. It is not control. It is not will power. It is the power to choose. Also, it not freedom in absolutely everything. Freedom is choosing what freedoms we want. Focus on the freedom, not on anything else (and not the limitations), not even the out come. The outcome is only satisfying for a moment. Ok, now I am sounding like a fortune cookie.:)

When I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease a little over three years ago, first I was excited about not feeling sick anymore. Freedom for me was not being able to eat what ever, it was about feeling better. Then, I walked past a Cinnabon. You know, the cinnamon roll place. I started to cry. After that cry (embarrassingly in the mall), I realized I was over it. People often say, "it must be hard not being able to eat all kinds of stuff." Quite frankly, I never even think about it. It's easy. I mourned the loss of it and now I am fine, really. It is actually more freeing for me. At a birthday party, I am not deliberating over whether to have some cake, I just don't. It is not even really food to me. I can think about other things. I don't always have an easy answer for what I can eat but, everything usually works out fine.

There are worst things than not being able to eat something you want. I don't need to list them here.

When my boys were little, I would tell them in the car, if they could get something like a toy or not. I stuck to my guns in the store and this freed us. Why? We were free now to focus on something else, like each other. Maybe we wouldn't know what to talk about with out the constant begging through the isle and at the check out.

Freedom is not knowing.

Freedom is not fear.

Freedom is uncomfortable.

Freedom is not impulsive.

Freedom is understanding.

Freedom is mindful.

Freedom is not judging.

Freedom is accepting.

Freedom is honesty.

Freedom is a choice.

Freedom is movement.

What is true freedom to you?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

So I'm running out the door, but I hate to get behind on one of my favorite blogs! So I'll be back this evening with something actual to say other than hello.

katieo said...

Samantha- First of all, LOVE the picture.
I came this morning and have been thinking about your definition of freedom. I think the power to choose is something I don't often consider as power. But it is! (I'm just thinking of choosing our reactions to hard circumstances that inevitably are a part of life)

Also,iIt may seem contradictory but structure in our household is freedom to our family. As long as I'm also able to "roll with it." Structure + flexibility = a happy mom. :)

Also, one more random thing: while in my blog wandering this morning I came across this:
(She's a link on one of my fav BIG blogs)
Anyway, I'm not sure if it's something you'd be interested in...but all of her pictures look SOOO YUMMY!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Glad I came back and gave this a thorough read because it's a great post.

I never really thought of freedom this way--it's a total reframe from the way we usually think of it, at least in this country. Often freedom here is linked to lack of rules or structure and encourages impulsiveness--a "nobody tells me what to do" kind of attitude. I love the way you've stood that on its head, and come up with all these examples of how self-discipline can actually be freedom.

(And I'd cry over the cinnabon's too!)

Leah J. Utas said...

What a thoughful post. I'd never considered freedom in those terms.
Freedom, by your points, is letting go.
Now I'm going to have to go away and think.

Samantha said...

Katieo- I agree with you, structure provides freedom. In my house, we don't allow video games during the week, only on weekends. This frees up my boys to do other things.
This is also why we give that plate of cookies to our neighbor or throw them away in the trash outside. It is to free our mind for something else. We are no longer contemplating the cookies. Just think of all the time we have wasted standing over a plate of cookies and saying to ourselves "okay, just one more and then I am done." We could have found a cure for cancer in all that time!
Oh! and thinks for the link. I checked it out and the food looks fabulous! Thanks!

Crabby- I agree with you, in America we do have a warped view of freedom. This is why our current administration got away with the "war on terror". It was a reaction. If you spend all of your time reacting to what others do to you, your really are not free. Being contemplative and really choosing what is best for ourselves is true freedom.
Thank you for your sympathy over Cinnabon. I loved that place. Now At least can still appreciate the cinnamonny scent! That is at the very least less fattening than the actual Cinnabon.:)