Monday, January 29, 2007

Spring Cleaning in January

Over the weekend I got a little extra energy and decided to do some "spring cleaning". It got me thinking about waste, and having too much stuff. Is it wasteful to get rid of things that you don't need right now, only to maybe have to buy a similar item in the future when you actually need it? Is it wasteful to have so much stuff that you don't even know what you have in your house?
Because of Feng Shui, I store very little. I have a pretty big home and a big attic. I don't store anything in my attic at all. According to the principles of Feng Shui, it weighs you down. I don't store anything under my bed for the same reason. I try only to keep what I actually use. I only have two closets and two shelves (in my garage) that I store things that are not for everyday use. When they get too full, I know it is time to purge. Because of Feng Shui I have learned not to get too attached to things. I do have allot of nice things but, it is just stuff and it all can be replaced (especially if you get it from Ikea;)).
Linens are a place that so easily gets over run. An extra sheet always seems to come in handy for covering something or taking on a picnic, and extra towels or blankets are good in emergencies. Dishes are also easy to collect thinking that we can always use them for company or have extra if they break.
Here are some rules of thumb that can be useful when deciding how much you really need.
Sheets- two sets per bed in the home. The only time you would need more than that is if you have to change sheets more than once a week.
Blankets- one for each bed, one for each sofa. You might need a few more if you have over night guests often (kids).
Pillows- Depending on the bed size 1 or 2 for each bed and a couple of extras for guests.
Towels- two per person, two for every guest you have a bed for. This is where it can get gray, but a few extra ratty ones can be useful. Have an area that you keep your towels, if you get so many that don't fit there anymore, it is time to purge.
Dishes- Place settings for the amount of seating you have. If you only have seating for four or less, you can double that. Also consider getting dishes that, if they get broken, you can go and get one to replace it (intead of having to buy in the whole set). That way you don't have to store any extra.
All the extra, if it is good condition, can be donated and go to a home that can really use it.
I think that saving things you do not use is wasteful. It is more wasteful than admitting to yourself that you have too much and giving it away.

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