Monday, September 10, 2007

Three Day Food Photo Challenge Day 1

Living to Feel Good is one of my favorite blogs. These are my pictures for her 3 Day Food Challenge. I am sadly not a savvy with the pictures as everyone else. I am not even sure how to type between them. Hopefully this won't present a problem.

Day 1
The first picture is of my Ultimate Smoothie. This is a recipe my mom taught me and it is great and I have this all the time.
Lunch (pic two) is a chili I make often for lunches. I included it because it is somewhat popular with my friends and family. Instead of eating a handful of chips on the side like I used to, I crumble 2 or 3 on top so I still get a crunch with out all the calories.
The third picture is of tomato gluten free pasta and a side of cucumbers with balsamic vinegar and pepper.
I just decided that I will do this in three posts by day. I hope you don't mind. My lack of blogging skills is really showing but I don't want to throw my lap top into the street and end up joining commune in search for a simpler life.

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