Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Vegetarian Meal is a success!!!

You guys will be so proud of me. I found a vegetarian recipe that my husband likes. In our house we call new meals that we like a "do over". This one was definitely a do over! My husband said he was now excited about inviting a vegetarian over! Strangely, it is filled with tons of veggies and I added even more than the recipe called for! Can you believe it! I thought it was really good too. I used gluten free lasagna noodles. They were good for sure but, I am sure not completely like the real thing. (It really has been a long time for me, so my memory is faint)
Admittedly, it was definitely not vegan, but we must crawl before we can walk. Next time, I think I will replace some of the cottage cheese with tofu. I am sure he will never suspect. I might even add some grated zucchini. I will be posting this recipe as an article to my Suite101 column so, stay tuned for that if you are interested.
One of my problems that I am finding is that many recipes that call for veggie meat substitutes often have wheat gluten in them. I am so allergic so, this is definitely not an option for my family. I do have some ideas about other things to try and I will keep you posted as I figure them out.

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ThickChick said...

Oooh - looks tasty! We're going to try to go veg once a week (good for the environment)and it will be nice to gain some ideas via your blog (but not vegan - we're cheese-a-holics!) Anyhoo, I'm sitting at my desk, its after five, and I want to reach into my computer screen and grab a hunk of that lasagne.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm kind of dumb about this, but I never have quite figured out what the benefit is supposed to be for being vegan over being vegetarian.

I love the idea of not killin' critters. But I'm not sure why the whole milk/egg/cheese etc thing can't be a win-win for both humans and animals, as long as the animals are humanely treated. There are lots of nutrients in that stuff, if you're not allergic, and they can be hard to find elsewhere.

Oh, and that picture looks awesome! Can't wait to hear more about the recipe. (I have a picky eater at home too).

rand(om) bites said...

It's fantastic when you can find a vego recipe that others in your house will like! Looks great so I'll be making one on the weekend. Yum. You can really use anything in lasagne and I guess the key is to experiment and see what you like :-)

Jennifer said...

That looks great! That's one more earth-friendly meal too for the planet. Now I want to go make some. It's kind of late though -- maybe tomorrow.

bazu said...

Yay for success!