Monday, July 16, 2007

Vegetarianism and good food.

One thing that I have noticed is that on a lot of vegetarian blogs, they love their food. There is a lot of really tasty vegetarian cuisine.

Now I have wanted to go vegetarian but, with a family full of meat eating boys (and my man), this was going to prove difficult. So, my plan is to eat veggie until dinner. Then, when ever possible, I am going to have a veggie dinner as well. Environmentally and morally, I think I can live with this.

I discovered these Indian dishes at my local health food store. They are called tasty bite. I have had a few different kinds and they were all wonderful. I served them over brown rice. Which is for me since I have a gluten intolerance.I also like that you do not have to refrigerate them so, they are easy to pack on trips or for work (as if had a real job:))

Angel helped with the photos as you can see.

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Rayne said...

this is a really good idea. I have Crohn's disease and can't eat a lot of different types of foods so my menu is extremely limited and I never thought of going to the health food markets.
I would love to be able to add some new foods to my diet, I'm pretty bored with what I'm eating now.

Dawn said...

That dog has *star* quality written all over her!

Food looks pretty good too.

Living to Feel Good said...

So what do they taste like? Looks good on the picture.

BTW I love the Trader Joe spray too! I also use their cleaner and hand soap. Good stuff!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Glad you've found some you like, because it's a great idea!

I tried these, and, well, didn't like them all that much.

I am such a perfect candidate for healthy convenience food--but I almost always end up disappointed. Something about the packaging and preserving process always makes the food taste slightly funky to me, whether it's frozen or vaccuum packed or jarred or canned or whatever. (Unhealthy food isn't any better either). So I end up doing take out when I don't want to cook, and it's really hard to find healthy take out.

Glad you found a brand you enjoy!

urban vegan said...

I tried these and they are good. I also like the brand that Trader Joe's sells.

Leah J. Utas said...

Glad you found something you like.

KaOs said...

Here in Hawaii, it is possible to get fantastic vegetarian fastfood. In downtown Honolulu (Fort Street pedestrian plaza) there is a place called Govindas that is sort of like the soup nazi from Seinfeld. There is a big long line at lunchtime that moves fast - you have two entree choices (which change every day) and you can pick one or both. It is always good, so you never have to worry. It comes with a fresh salad (no iceberg lettuce) curried rice and a small dessert (like spanakopita (sp?) but Indian). It is like $6 which is a great deal for Hawaii. You can also get a ginger drink, which is spicy, but otherwise hard to describe. It really makes you feel good though. I wish more places had healthy options like that - I think I really lucked out.