Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow, where have I been? At the pound!

These have been busy days. I just haven't had too much time, it seems.
First of all, Saturday, we adopted a 10 month old puppy from the ASPCA (aka "the pound"). What a deal this is. I mean, you pay a certain amount based on the animal's age. For our puppy (Lu Lu) we paid 100$. For this we got

1. A puppy, spade and with all of her shots.
2. Well puppy checkup with in one week of adoption.
3. Free micro chip (because we adopted her on a weekend).
4. Free dog food. Like 3 bags of free dog food!
5. Insurance for the first few months she is covered for $500 in vet bills.

I have to say, I am amazed at this deal. Besides all of this, you get that warm fuzzy feeling of giving a poor discarded animal a good home.

Lu Lu is a sweetie too. She seems to be at least partially potty trained. She is also a little skittish. She is smart, she can come in through the dog door, but won't go out through it yet. She hates bathes. She has already chewed up two of my shoes.

We got Lu Lu for my husband, as a fathers day gift. He was very pleasantly surprised. We wanted to give her to him on Father's Day. We wanted to hide her somehow and surprise him that morning. The pound wouldn't let us do that. They said he would have to come down there and see her. It is understandable. I mean, what if he was mad or really didn't want her. They do not want us to return her. For us, it worked out, it was love at first site.

My husband brought Angel (our pekingese) to the ASPCA to meet Lu Lu before we brought her home and Angel wasn't very interested in Lu Lu. She wasn't interested in very much but me. She didn't even blink at the cats, or the rabbits. Angel just wanted me to take her home. I think that she thought she was at the vet. Now they are friendly, well on their way to becoming life long friends.

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Leah J. Utas said...

Lu Lu is adorable. Good for you for taking in a homeless puppy.

ThickChick said...

First off, I haven't visited you in awhile - your trip looks like it was incredible!! Secondly, congrats on your new baby, Lu Lu. I, too, have a rescue pup and I can't imagine paying heaps of $$ to a breeder when there are sweet dogs out there that need good homes. Glad she's such a great fit for your family!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I have a big case of the warm fuzzies just looking at the pictures. What a sweetie!

And I agree--it's so great that you adopted a homeless dog instead of going to a breeder. I grew up with "mutts," and I think they're the best!

Dawn said...

If Lu Lu has the dog door half worked out already she will probably help Angel to learn it. She looks a real sweetie.

SmartCookie said...

Kudos for adopting. She is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.. and mighty grateful for her new home, I'm sure!

Living to Feel Good said...

Ya for Lu Lu! Love the name BTW! we got our dogs from the pound too!! I wish more people would!!

Penguin said...
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Rayne said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I feel so badly for the animals at the pound.
My daughter just adopted a cat and she is fitting into the family wonderfully.
Lulu is a beautiful puppy and I bet your peke is going to love having a friend.