Thursday, June 21, 2007

My knee and more on Jamaica.

Sadly, I have lost a little bit of my motivation because I hurt my knee and it just aches. I HATE it! I actually hurt it in Yoga. Do not be afraid of Yoga now. I don't know exactly why but, I was in what you would call pigeon position and I hurt my know on the straight leg. I am really good at this one too, so it really took me off guard.
I just wanted to share a little more on Jamaica. So today you can see some random pictures of my Jamaica vacation. I hope you will enjoy.
1. These are some pretty flowers.
2. This guy was on my balcony. He was probably wondering about my one big eye (camera) ogling him.
3. This boat was thrown to shore years ago during a hurricane. There are no cranes on the island to move it so, it is stuck there.
4. This photo is from my balcony, it was the path leading to my room.

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katieo said...

I'm never doing Yoga again!

hee hee

(Hope your knee feels better soon...)

Samantha said...

Thanks katieo- I was afraid I would scare people away from Yoga!:(

Rayne said...

This is going to sound weird, but I feel bad for the poor abandoned boat.
I love the pic of the little lizard. When we lived in San Antonio we had a lot of little lizards that looked very similar to that one. One of our cats used to catch them and bring them into the house. They were perfectly unharmed, and he showed no interest in them once he got them into the house. It was up to us to catch them and get them back outside. Part of me thinks that is why he brought them in, to watch us run around like idiots trying to catch lizards.

Rayne said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I am sorry you hurt your knee. Go careful on it and give it a chance to heal.

ThickChick said...

Yikes, be gentle with that knee. Strange question... I see you have an ouidad ad on your site... have you ever tried their products? I've been curious for years (as a naturally wavy haired gal) but haven't ever known anyone who has used it. Just wondering!

Crabby McSlacker said...

So sorry to hear about the knee!

Injuries are very de-motivating. "Rest" feels wrong and wimpy somehow, but jumping back in too soon just makes things worse. Take good care of yourself.

Love the pictures. And that's path is what you saw from your hotel room? Lovely!

KaOs said...

It's remarkably easy to injure yourself doing something complete ordinary (I know, I just reinjured my ankle while walking down the stairs). Yoga's pretty darn safe!

Hope it feels better soon.