Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Angel doing tricks.

Angel is doing tricks! Oh, it is so cute! I taught her to sit, shake, and lay down. I taught her this in the span of three days. Now, I have been trying to teach her to go through the dog door. She just won't do it. She just seems so confused. I throw the treat through the door and say, "go get it!" and nothing. It is like out of site out of mind. I shoved her through it, walked around to the other side, stuck treats where she could smell them and nothing. When it comes to the dog door she has the brain capacity of a six month old. Now, I know what you are thinking. She is a small dog, maybe three tricks are all she can fit in her cute little brain. No. I had a friend come over today (for an hour and a half, mind you) and her daughter taught her to guess which hand had a treat. The little girl even had my little Angel tapping the girl's hand with her paw when she guessed. I was amazed. This little girl is going to be a dog trainer to the stars one day. I am always saying she isn't the sharpest tack in the box. Maybe she hears me say that and it blows her self confidence. Who knows.

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Living to Feel Good said...

Awesome! What a cutie too!

Crabby McSlacker said...

She is about the cutest damn dog I've ever seen.

We had a cat door once, and it took the kitties a long time to get used to it. They felt it was undignified, but eventually they gave in and got with the program.

Dawn said...

Angel's smallness won't influence her brain size at all. Little dogs are often the smartest. I think some of this is because they often live in closer contact with their humans and learn to read us better. Angel sounds one sharp little cookie and cute too.

Get someone that Angel knows to help you for a few minutes and have one of you with her on one side of the door and one on the other side with the treat. Open the flap and let her see what it's all about. Let her do it a few times without the flap swinging (or whatever your one does). Make sure she doesn't get her tail caught when it closes! She'll be racing through in no time.

Rebecca said...

What a cute picture! I'm glad that your having fun with you puppy - maybe try opening the door so you can hold the treat on the other side and the motion her through on her side? I honestly have no idea.. I've never trained a dog to go through a doggy door - maybe she just thinks you shouldn't be so lazy and open the door for her - she is a princess afterall? ~winks~ I'm kidding! But seriously, does she look scared of it or just like she doesn't get it?

urban vegan said...

What a sweet face. And smart. She'll get the hang of the dog door (pun intended).