Saturday, May 26, 2007


I had a really nice day. Not much to blog about, or more to the point, to lazy to try to think of something smart and interesting so, in an effort to stay consistent, I am at the very least writing something. I also made this rainbow picture out of a school assignment that I had done. We did a project where we took monochromatic pictures. Very fun. Making this rainbow for you was also fun. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! Promise to do better tomorrow. So please come back!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hey, that picture is awesome. No witty text necessary!

And I for one will always be back--I'm afraid at this point you're stuck with me.

katieo said...

No apologies neccessary! That is a really great picture. (I've thought about doing something like that with family members faces...but now that I write it, I seems really wierd)

And I'll always be back too! (If I don't comment it's only for my lack of wit.)

katieo said...

"I seems"

Dawn said...

Preview, preview, preview, Katieo! It is the saviour of those of us whose fingers outsprint our brain! Having said that, I always preview and I still post errors. Oh well!

Sorry little green person, didn't mean to ignore you on your own blog. Just can't resist giving advice! Your image contained more meaning than some people's words. I'll be back.

Samantha said...

Thanks for all the support guys!

Katieo- I think that a photo like this with people would be pretty cool.

Dawn-I don't care if you ignore me as long as you keep coming back.