Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moving On.

I really do need to move on. Baby Girl was a tough (but sweet) dog and would definitely want that. My best friend, who know Baby Girl quite well wrote a tribute to her on her blog today. She watched her for us when we were out of town and of course played with her when she came over to see us. I love the picture she posted. It was taken before Baby Girl got sick. She looks so young and alive there. That is how I want to remember her. That picture was taken in Prescott on a road trip. I know she had a great time, we all did.
I promise to get on some more cheery topics after this. We are still grieving a bit today. I know it will get easier as time passes. My husband is still pretty sad.
I think my sweet dog Griffy seems sad today, too. He forgot to ask for food today. Normally, he and Baby Girl will get to barking at like 7am to eat but, he just laid there. When I did feed him, he ate but, not in his usual excited manner.
In the picture, you can see he isn't the most cheery but, if you can imagine, he seems even less so today. Now, you have seen pictures of all my pooches!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Poor Griff. But I do think it helps to have more than one pet--helps everyone, both human and animal, to deal with the loss.

We had two cats, one of which sort of dominated the household. We were so sad when we lost him but our other cat really blossomed once he was gone. Helped us with our grief and she loved all the extra attention.

Anyway, this must really be a hard time, but it sounds like you and your family are handling it really well. Hope you all feel better soon. (Which doesn't mean you'll ever forget babygirl--but maybe in time it won't hurt so much).

Leah J. Utas said...

How sad. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Samantha said...

It does help to help to have more than one pet. The house would seem even emptier with out them. I almost feel like we need another dog. I am a nut. I just feel like there is not enough little souls running around my house. Maybe in a month or two. It just seems so quite. Not that she made allot of noise just, I don't know. I miss her.
I know it will get better with time. It already is. I just have to keep busy for a little while.