Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby Girl, Rest in Peace

Sadly, my Baby Girl (dog) died today. I know this is a downer. I hope to back to less sad topics after today. I just feel she needs to be acknowledged today. I love her and I truly miss her so much. My husband is really taking it very hard. Baby Girl is his first pet ever. He really loves her. I think we will go for a drive in her memory. She loves car trips. Peace, Baby Girl.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm so, so sorry.

Somehow missed your post yesterday. I know there aren't really any words that can help, but Illl be thinking about you.

Take good care of yourself; losing a beloved pet is really hard and she sounds so special.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hi again,
So I had to cut my previous comment short because not only was I running late, but also because I found myself in tears. Don't know why I feel so sad about this when I never even met baby girl, but your tribute to her made me feel like I did.

Oops, tears again. Hope you're doing okay, this must be so, so hard.

Samantha said...

Hey Crabby,

Thank you so much. She is a very special dog. I had pets growing up but, she was the first real pet my family had since I left the nest, so to speak.

My husband never had a pet before so, Baby Girl is his first one. He is a total dog person now. She really was a great first dog!

When we got her, she really had her own personality and we spent the years getting to know her. She was so good!

Thank you again, Crabby!

katieo said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you and your husband will find comfort. and be able to remember all the things that make her a great dog and friend.

I've been thinking about you throughout the day!

Rebecca said...

Awww. I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy Samantha.. it's very hard to loose them, because they really do mean so very much to us...

All I can say is I'm sorry really.. I know how hard it is, but really try to focus on all the good times you had together.

Dawn said...

Missed your post in my rush with all "my very important things" and feel like a heel. I'm so sorry that you've lost Baby Girl. We have dogs and I know what it's like when you lose one. She holds a special place in your heart. Both you and she have blessed each other by sharing your lives.