Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I knew this would happen!

Sadly, USDA is talking about lowering their standards on the criteria for what the word "organic" means. Some companies are upset that they can not have the USDA Organic label because there is not a supplier big enough that can sell them organic supplies. Particularly, hops for beer and pork products. While, there are organic beers, from smaller brewers larger companies claim it is unfair that they can not make organic beer too. Wah! So, now the USDA is considering allowing several non-organic substances (38 to exact) to be used on so called organic products. You know what this means? The meat in the USDA organic seal is about to be thrown out the window. As with anything the government sticks their mitts into, if they can't meet the standards then lower them, right?
It really is only a matter of time before the words "USDA Organic" do not mean anything. For now we can live in the blissful time, where the standards are high. Be on the look out though, the day is coming. Then, we will have to figure out another way to know we are eating safe food. Probably the only way to truly know is to grow it ourselves!!!

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Dawn said...

That's scary. You expect a government sanctioned organic label to have some integrity. Labelling laws have been tightened in NZ but still have a way to go.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I find myself giving up hope on government agencies ever doing their jobs again in terms of protecting the public. Until we get a new administration in the white house and a few more democrats in congress, I feel like the foxes have been put in charge of guarding the henhouse and they're chomping down every last chicken.

Sorry to be grumpy without even being funny about it.

Crabby needs to chill. Or so Goggle informs me.

Samantha said...

Dawn- here in the US, I think that most people would agree, our government goes where the money is. They are really not into protecting the people. This really is no shocker here. As a matter of fact, most people were actually skeptical of the USDA Organic labels already.

Crabby- I am with you on this.

Samantha needs friends. Google tells me.:)