Monday, May 7, 2007

Dead pigeons

Lately, on my walks, I have noticed a lot of dead pigeons. They are not all in the same spot either. Today, there was one floating in the canal and just a wing (of a different bird) on the walking path. The other day, a baby bird, dead out side of my house, and another adult bird dead on the street a little ways down. I have even seen a few on the street when I am driving. I can't bring myself to photograph any of them to show you. That would be sick.
I know in recent years, Arizona has been seeing more and more pigeons. A few houses in my area have had problems with them nesting on their roofs and making a huge mess. I wonder if it possible that someone is poisoning them. Could all these birds be getting sick? Call me a tad paranoid in the day of the "bird flu" and West Nile virus. I also saw on the news we have a new breed of mosquito that is more aggressive and harder to get rid of then the usual ones. Super bugs? Oh my!
I was looking around on line and in Arizona, they said to call animal control for all birds, except for pigeons. So, is it just expected that they will be dead all over the city, so who cares?
Another possibility; I am cursed and this is the first sign? I don't remember crossing a black cat, breaking a mirror, or getting hexed by a witch so, who knows, maybe I wasn't paying attention. Though, I don't know which is worse, the environment is cursed or just me.
A flower for the sacrificed ones.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

That does seem odd. Hope it's just coincidence and not either pigeon-poisoning or some weird curse that's putting them in your path.

I know dead animals are part of nature but I get sad whenever I see one.

Samantha said...

I get sad too. I get sad when I think about the short life flies. I am pitiful really.

Rebecca said...

Ew... dead birds everywhere is kinda gross, I think I'd call either way just incase.

David L. McAfee said...

If there has been a recent increase in the pigeon population where you leave, then it would seem natural for there to be an increase in the number of dead pigeons lying around. Can't increase one without increasing the other. Unless, of course, the pigeons have a good medical plan. Avian Blue Cross, maybe? If that's the case then something foul (please note I didn't go for the awful pun and say fowl) is definiely afoot.