Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stephen Won The Tour De Scottsdale

I lied. He didn't exactly win but he did do it and he finished it! 70 miles! I am so proud of him! He decided that he wanted to do it and he recruited someone from the gym to go with him. He signed up and was even going to do it alone. Funny thing, he complained that they were hand out junky food at the race. He wanted stuff like fruit or something and this was his quote mind you, he said "all they had were Oreos and that is not good, right?" Holy shmoly! I am completely shocked! He got a shirt and a very cool medal. If you ever thought that someone you know will never want to eat healthy remember that my husband at one time thought chicken nuggets were health food because they were *chicken*. He once thought the perfect diet consisted of beef and cookies. Now he has said he notices a difference in his skin when eats better. He feels better when he eats better. He likes how he feels when he eats healthier food! Amazing! He has come so far!
Notice the Blizzard Dairy Queen cup over the left shoulder. This is the shirt and the nifty medal that Stephen won! We did have to celebrate!

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ThickChick said...

Oooh Dairy Queen!!
Everyone is mentioning some goodie that I WANT today! Thankfully we have nothing tasty sweet at home except for fresh pears. ;)

Living to Feel Good said...

That is awesome!!! :)