Friday, October 19, 2007

Insight on eating.

I probably should have just posted this on my nutrition blog but I think like three more people than that read this one and I wanted other people to actually read this and tell me what they thought.

In my last yoga class my teacher made the theme non hoarding. Well I often relate themes to the way I eat because I am a weight crazed American that never can be too thin so I had this thought about hoarding-

Eating too much food is even more wasteful than throwing it in the trash. This is because when you throw it in the trash no more of your energy is wasted on the food. Otherwise we have to put time, thoughts and even money into wasting the excess energy that we put in our body (aka the diet industry!). Now that is truly a waste right!?

Did you ever notice that when you read a so called "break though" weight loss headline it either says "Eat as much as you like and lose weight" or "Eat whatever you like and lose weight" but never says "Eat as much as you like and whatever you like to lose weight"?

Essentially if you like to eat a lot of food- eat lots of fruits and vegetables. If you like to eat your favorite food- watch your portions.

This little story is from one of my Yoga Teacher Trainer reading assignments.
There was once a spiritual student standing silently at the edge of a group of students who had gathered from the surrounding countryside. Each student in the group was bragging of the miracles that their master could perform: "My master can balance on one fingertip and lift his whole body in the air," said one enthusiastic speaker. "Well mine can stand on one side of a river and write something in the air and have that symbol appear on rice paper on the other side of the river," said another. The comparisons went on until finally the small group turned to the silent student standing behind them. "And what can your master do?" they asked. The quiet student stepped a bit closer and in a soft voice said the following:
"My Master can drink when he's thirsty, eat when he's hungry and sleep when he is tired."

It can take a lifetime to master that!! Wow!

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bazu said...

That's really insightful. I hate throwing food away and being wasteful, but there have to be other ways to do that without feeling guilted into eating all the extra food! I once read somewhere that eating food your body doesn't need is no less wasteful than throwing it away, and your example takes it even further! More energy is wasted on unnecessary eating (and shame, dieting, specialty diet foods, guilt, anger, binging, etc.) by eating too much.

Anonymous said...

I have made an effort over the past year to not put as much food in front of myself in the first place. I spend less, I eat only when hungry, and I feel better. At first it was hard because my mouth wanted something to do, so I chewed gum. But finally even that was gone.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I, too, love your insight about eating too much being more wasteful than throwing that food away.

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