Monday, August 6, 2007

Busy time

my pimped pic!

I pimped out my dog Griffy on this site a while back on another blog. I thought I would do Angel for fun too. She is even cute with weird cat eyes, don't you think?
I am a tad busy these days. I decided to get certified in Yoga this year. I really love doing Yoga and I thought, I would love to do it all day and getting paid to do it! Woohoo! I am very excited about going. I am so busy getting my books and other things in order.
Also, my boys are going back to school for the year next week. My oldest is going into 9th grade and is going to be in school full time for the first time. I have home schooled my boys full time until now. It has been quite an adventure.
I also have been challenged by my editor at Suite101 to work hard and get 100 articles up in 16 weeks. It sure is going to be a challenge. I get a little blocked on ideas sometimes.
I also plan on featuring some of my favorite nutrition, health, and vegetarian blogs on my Suite 101 blog. I get quite a few hits on that blog and my pages in general, so it could generate some good pages views for those of you that are featured. I'll probably leave a comment on your blog when you are featured, and then if you like you can link back to the blog post. That would really be great too for me and every one! If you know for sure you want to be featured and want to give me something to add to the blog post let me know. A recipe would be good, I think.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Angel looks adorable!

Wow, sounds like you're awfully busy--and 100 posts in 16 weeks sounds like a challenge!

I'm crap at recipes but will poke around and see if I can come up with anything useful. Perhaps in a week or so when things calm down a bit.

Good luck with the yoga and all those articles!

urban vegan said...

I've never seen anyone pimp their pup. Ah, the wonders of photoshop!

ThickChick said...

Awww, your baby is darling!

Congrats with your new yoga endeavors!

m38967 said...

Hey, Sam: Sorry, i hadn't passed around here in awhile, i somehow over time lost your link. I've made a few changes since i was last here, and have a new blog (Groovy Vegetarian)on wordpress.

I love those widgets and gidgets, too, but i dont want to go crazy with them, and add a gazillion of them to my blogs. hehe.

Cute pup, love the shades!


P.S. I'll add your link to my blogroll again. Could you switch out Veggie-Blogs to Groovy Vegetarian? I woud appreciate it.

bazu said...

That is a cute pimped out doggie! The cat eyes, though, are pretty frightening- lol!