Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lizards, and peanut butter

When I went in my back yard today, I noticed a cute little lizard (refer to picture). Growing up in the sunny Arizona dessert, you get used to seeing them a lot. Lately though, I have noticed some huge lizards. I am talking like 8 inches long! Two of them were at my front door the other day. I wish I had my camera so I could show them to you. So, this has me wondering, are these a different type of lizard? Maybe a hybrid lizard that mated with the little ones? I googled it to see if I was the only one that has noticed this. Apparently I am, no stories on this. Maybe, they were around but not as many of them as there are now. I can only wonder. 8 inches does not bother me too much but any bigger, I am going to probably freak out!

Peanut butter
Yesterday I was grocery shopping at my favorite healthy grocery store and I happened upon these little peanut putter packets. Justin's Organic Peanut Butter packets. I was starving and this little packet hit the spot. I am going to pick up a few more today. I love peanut butter!

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Dawn said...

I don't know anything about American lizards and New Zealand doesn't have any really big ones, but Australia has lizards that can be more than a metre long!

Living to Feel Good said...

OoooH I will have to look for those peanut butter packets.

Lizards don't bug me, but those I can't stand. Hahaha.

ThickChick said...

I've heard about those peanut butter packets via HungryGirl, but haven't seen them in any of my local grocery stores, perhaps the Co-op?

In regards to the lizards... I'd be a little creeped out too, I'm only used to seeing them on tropical vacations.