Saturday, June 2, 2007

Beleifnet Quiz

Have any of you taken the Belief net quiz on what religion you are? The Quiz is called Belief-o-matic. On a whim I decided to do it today. I realized that my beliefs are transforming. At one time I was very Christian but, as Christianity is changing into this sort of political party, I have found, at some point my beliefs have parted ways with Christianity as is depicted these days. Upon further study and reflection I no longer believe in hell, or in only one true faith. I think all faiths are valid and have their place.
If God is like the perfect father, then he would never reject one of his children because of the way he (or she) views him or shows him their love. A perfect father wants us to be happy without defining what happy is. He wants us to love him in what ever our capacity. What if someone doesn't acknowledge him because they don't believe he exists? As any father would be, he might miss their companionship but, would want them to also be happy. I do not believe God would punish anyone. He blesses everyone.
If there is a hell, it is here and we have made it so. We have put our so called beliefs above life. Sorry to be so preachy here, this quiz has put me in a contemplative mood.
My results were that I my beliefs are the most inline (100%) with Mahayana Buddhism. I thought that was pretty cool. I am planning on getting more informed on this.

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Leah J. Utas said...

I think spiritual beliefs change as we grow and change. It's all part of opening ourselves up. Good for you for accepting this and flowing with the current.
I took the quiz and --shock surprise--found myself 100% neo-pagan. Oddly, I was only 92% new age.
There's room for everybody and every faith.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I took the quiz a while back and of course don't remember the results. But when I was in second or third grade I learned what the word "agnostic" meant and I knew that was me.

Fortunately, though my parents dutifully sent me to Sunday school to expose me to organized religion, they let me stop going when I wanted to quit, and I've never looked back.

I don't have "beliefs" per se because I think that this stuff is unknowable. I also think any belief system is totally subject to wishful thinking, self-serving prejudice, and all kinds of other all-too-human ways of viewing things.

While there are times having more of a spiritual life might be comforting, I can't make myself believe something just because it would be nice if it were true. I envy people who have it all worked out, but I'm fundamentally a skeptical person. (Shocking, I know!)

Gosh, didn't mean to go on and on. Great topic, Samantha.

Anonymous said...

You will probably find that due to indoctrination at an early age, if you find your initial beleif unsuitable, your mind will be working on the 'well there must be something, perhaps this lot have the answer' principle.

Searching other belief systems will continue until you find something that fits but if you put your faith in those groups who have God or gods you will continue to be disappointed when you realise that they are no different.

Ultimately (if you do not run out of time) you will discover that there are no deities and you may find you save some time if you research Humanism.