Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tried a recipe and found something at the store.

Tonight for dinner, my family decided to ditch me (they do it every Thursday and go to Subway). So, I decided to try Tomato Basil Pasta on that (Real Meals)cooking site. It was very good.

I am attempting to post the video here. ( It is not working so here is a link that hopefully works for Tomato Basil Pasta) We will see how it goes.
I am also posting my results. I think that it looks kind of like hers.
While I was at the store, I found this Grate it Fresh thingy by the Parmesan cheese. While environmentally it probably is not the best choice, it is a neat little gadget (with the cheese already in it) to see if fresh shredded Parmesan is any better than they already shredded Parmesan.
Hopefully all the pictures and the video shows up. I haven't had much luck in the past but, I am trying something new. I have to learn sometime.

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Dawn said...

Now you've made me hungry. If you've already eaten the Tomato Basil Pasta, I would settle for a cream filled apple donut.

Samantha said...

Sorry, I did eat it all. I'll make more though. I don't have donuts either, sorry. With all the trouble I had posting this time, I forgot to mention that, that is gluten free pasta, believe it or not. I have to eat a gluten free diet, these taste just about the same to me as the regular stuff (though I haven't had the regular stuff in over three years).

Crabby McSlacker said...

Dawn, I'm with you. That picture made me really hungry. Thanks a lot, Samantha!

I'm all for freshly grated parmesan too, and I'm lazy, so that's saying something. Somehow it just tastes better that way. And though the built in grater sounds a little gimmicky, I've shredded my knuckles enough times on our regular grater to give it some serious consideration.

katieo said...

Do you own a microplane grater? those things are so fantastic. THey make grating hard cheese or zesting lemons for example SOOO easy. We have a local creamery that we buy most of our cheese from (a large fist size of parm is around 4 dollars) and in the long run, it has been so much cheaper and easier. No sore knuckles. shreds super well. 12.99 once plus the cost of whatever you're grating.

Samantha said...

Katio- I am so going to have to find one of those micro plane graters. Are they easy to clean? You buy local? You rock!