Friday, May 11, 2007

Schools out for summer!

My last day of school was yesterday. Today is the first day free of due dates, the "I should do this" and "I should do that". Nice. Yesterday, I cleaned my office, and it was good.
Today, I was sitting and reflecting on my photography class and I realized that I learned a lot from that class. At the very least I learned that my dog Angel is yellow and nicely compliments my blue micro suede chair. Not because she is cute and my I like that chair, but because the colors (yellow and blue) are complimentary. Ok, I learned way more than that.

Taking pictures is fun.
It is a way to create art fast.
You don't have to show a bad photo to anyone.
Composition and focus are everything.
Take tons of pictures, at least some of them will be good, for sure.
Make sure your batteries are charged and you cleared off your memory card.
Macro mode, lighting, and aperture.
Use a tripod (if experts need them, so do you).
The power and usefulness of Adobe Bridge!

I know, that is not all I learned. I had spent much of the semester frustrated. I felt the class went excruciatingly slow. We spent a lot of time sitting around. Well, in retrospect, I really did learn so much. I am glad I toughed it through. I now feel I know my camera. That is why I went after all!

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Dawn said...

Green is good. I almost bought a green blouse once. Yellow and blue is good too.

But Angel is best of all.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I don't know beans about photography, but that photo is, to sound like a twelve year old, totally awesome.

An adorable dog to begin with, but you're right, the way the blue sets him off (and the fact that he's in focus, which never happens when I take a picture) makes him seem to leap off my laptop and into my lap.

You better make sure your address never appears online or you'll risk anonymous dognappers circling your house. The aptly named Angel is just too damn cute.

katieo said...

That is a FANTASTIC picture!

Samantha said...

Thank you everyone! She is a great dog. We rescued her (as we have all of our pooches). When we got her (from a neighbor, who found her after she was hit by two cars) she had a broken hip and the vet said if we left her the at "Pound" she would have probably been put to sleep. She healed up nicely and is a great fun loving dog, with tons of personality. She is the subject of a lot of my photography (as are my other dogs), though she is hard to take pictures of. This was a lucky shot!

Rebecca said...

That's a very cute picture of your puppy, and I wish I would have taken a photography class - I tried one year in Highschool but they said I had to take Art1 before I could take Photography and I was in grade 11 at the time.. heh. So, I never took either.