Saturday, May 5, 2007

Feeling green today!

I am feeling a little green today. My son wanted to go to his friend's house today so, my and my husband took him via bike ride. His friend is about three miles away. It was fun except, my son complained a bit about how I was going the wrong way half the time. I know the earth really appreciated it so it was worth it. After that, my husband and I road down the canal behind our home. It is so pretty back there. There is miles and miles of bicycle paths. We did 17 miles when it was all said and done! We passed dogs, horses, cows, bulls, ducks (and other birds) and Lamas (yes, there is a lama rescue near my house and I didn't even know it until a a week or two ago)!! Amazing! You would think that I live out in the country, but I don't.

I think that biking is my new favorite thing to do! It really is fun. Actually, funner than when I was a kid because, now I can go as far as I want to. I was so depressed recently, that I couldn't run anymore (due to back problems) but, I think that I can do this the rest of my life! Yippy! The photo is of a portion of the canal near my home. I plan on taking my camera with me on a ride so I can share the wonder that is near my home. My only problem is, my husband gets bored when I am taking so many photos. Can't blame him. He is just stuck waiting around. Happy weekend!!!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Your bike ride sounds great! I really need to get my bike functional again, it's been sitting down in the basement with flat tires for years.

I'm a little skittish about traffic, so I tend to do they powerwalking thing instead, but there's something so fun about zooming around on a bike when you get on a good path or quiet road.

BTW, thanks for the visits and the link! You always have something interesting to contribute. I'll put you on my blogroll, too. (Not that I have many readers yet, but I'm working on it!)

Samantha said...

Thank you for the link, too!

I, too am skittish about traffic. Cars are scary. The canal is great except it does intersect with some busy streets. I am trying to learn not to be such a wimp. Power walking is fabulous! But, I do like how far I can get on a bike.

I don't have many readers either. Your blog is great. The cream rises to the top, it just takes a little time, ya know?